We are dedicated to maintaining the legacy of our ancestors and the dedication of Judge John L. Phillips. The Black Lady Theatre serves as a resource for the community to learn, share and experience Afrikan heritage. It is a center for the arts, activism and public scholarship in the heart of Brooklyn.

During its heyday, The Black Lady Theatre was home to many local aspiring film makers, performing artist, activists and other organizations, showcasing their stage plays, independent films and think tank meetings.

Original commissioned artwork that graced The Black Lady Theatre

Original commissioned artwork that graced The Black Lady Theatre

The Black Lady Theatre, also known as Slave II, was dedicated to the Black woman to honor her as the beginning of all mankind and to salute her sacrifice and commitment specifically to the Black community.  The Black woman is revered as the backbone of the Black family. The theatre was decorated with beautiful hand-painted murals and signs that reminded everyone that came through its doors that the Black woman was special and well loved.

The founder, John L. Phillips also dedicated the theatre to his mother and hung a picture above the entrance that read, “Mama we know you are in heaven. The real God have given you wings of angels. Mama, we miss you every day!

Some mamas are in heaven. In our hearts, always. We have Good memories. Some Mamas are here today. We hug and kiss you. We say “God Bless” forever. It’s only me, your sons.


The original founder and owner of the historic Slave Theatre and The Black Lady Theatre is Judge John L. Phillips.

Mr. Phillips graduated from Wilberforce University where he received his degree in Law. He served as a Civil Court Judge for nearly two decades.

Also known as the Kung-Fu Judge, Mr. Phillips worked tirelessly to bring justice to our streets and community. After purchasing two theatres in Brooklyn, Judge Phillips used The Slave Theatre as a platform for rallies and press conferences discussing race relations in a tense 1980s New York City environment.